Friday, November 5, 2010

Flying Trout

I'm a big fan of Walla Walla wines. We pass through there occasionally, stay at the Marcus Whitman, stroll around, and eat great dinners, and most of all, taste great Walla Walla wines.

On our first wine rambling in Walla Walla we tasted, tasted, and tasted some more -- all in a couple of hours. Then we called it quits and moved on to walking the dog and walking the alcohol off. It was summertime and very hot. We strolled down a side street, by one-story ramshackle business buildings, headed to the green and cool Whitman College campus.

Just when we thought we were safe we passed a small wine 'storefront'.  The door was open. A couple of wines were sitting on the counter. Two people were playing Scrabble in the back. Our curiosity got the best of us and we peaked in. One of the Scrabble players jumped up, "Bring the dog," and started pouring the wine.

We had stumbled into Flying Trout wines and had just met Ashley Trout. We tasted, bought, and shipped a bunch of Malbec back to Seattle. And we heard the story of Ashley Trout, who spends part of her wine production life in Argentina and part in Walla Walla.

We've now drank our last bottle of Flying Trout and haven't replaced it. We have never seen it on the store shelves. When we have returned to Walla Walla, Ashley has been in Argentina. We did buy a bottle in the Whitehouse-Crawford restaurant in Walla Walla once.

So if you ever find Flying Trout wines, grab it and toast fun discoveries on summertime strolls.

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